Special Attractions and Theme Exhibitions – a Great Tool to Raise People Flow To Your Trade Center

I was searching for information on how to sell our products to clients, knowing that it is very difficult to arrange meetings or conference calls with them, or even to get replies to emails. “Everybody is so busy and we don’t want to seem pushy…. Sales are not our background, but our products are great. I can’t understand why people won’t even consider looking at something that will increase the number of their customers.”

I find an interesting story in the LinkedIn profile of a woman who worked as Event Management Consultant. When she met one of her clients, he told her that at the back of his office there was a cartoon (similar to the attached). He said that this picture had always stuck in his mind and that his boss always encouraged him to give people time. Even if it’s a few minutes… you never know what they can offer.

Wise words indeed!

In the last few years our exhibitions have turned into a great new tool for several malls, trade centers and municipalities around the world to attract additional visitors to their locations.

Below, you can find the expected number of visitors for 3 months for each exhibition. It is based on the average monthly minimum visitors that our exhibitions had in the last 5 years when no entrance fee is collected. Please, be aware that the number of visitors is depending on the marketing mix, event planning and the attraction value of the venue.


* Living Dinosaurs: 60.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 180.000 visitors

It shows 24 animatronic life-size dinosaurs and has reached more than 10 million visitors worldwide.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/livingdinosaurs/


* Interactive Science: 30.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 90.000 visitors (please be aware that these stats are a prospection – the exhibition has been launched in 2018)

It is an interactive exhibition with more than 60 experiences that the visitors can enjoy.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/interactive-science/


* Monster of The Sea: 57.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 171.000 visitors

Because of its huge success in Singapore for the first three months, the venue has prolonged the contract for one year.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/monsters-of-the-sea/


* NASA – Space – The Final Frontier: 52.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 156.000 visitors

It has been created in cooperation with NASA with an average of 50.000 visitors monthly, when no entrance fee is collected.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/space-the-final-frontier/


* LEGO – Travelling Bricks: 40.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 120.000 visitors

Exhibition entirely made of LEGO® bricks, showing the history of transportation. It contains exhibits such as the 7m long Titanic, 3m tall sky rocket and more

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/travelling-bricks/


* Experience Da Vinci: 25.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 75.000 visitors

An exhibition showing the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, containing working inventions of the legendary inventor.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/experience-da-vinci/


* Ice Age & Dragons: 55.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 165.000 visitors

Features 10 life-sized animatronic models of mammals of the Ice Age with scientifically accurate movements, colouring, sounds, and fur. Features also 8 Dragons and a giant skeleton.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/ice-age/


* 3D Museum of Wonders: 45.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 135.000 visitors

An exhibition that integrates a huge collection of over 160 amazing quality paintings with very stimulating 3D effects and epic themes.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/3d-museum-of-wonders/


So, next time you think about special attractions that can contribute to bringing fresh new visitors to your mall or trade center, why don’t you give us a call 🙂

We stay open for your questions and we are looking forward to your feedback.