New Exhibition Robots Vs Dinosaurs 

In December 2021, Coco Agency was proud to present the world premiere of our Robots vs Dinosaurs exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria. Below is the press release we distributed to more than 60 media outlets across Bulgaria to announce the event:

A fantastic amusement park will open in time for Christmas in Vazrazhdane Park, Sofia, Bulgaria. A winter fairy-tale battle, “Robots Vs Dinosaurs” tells the story of ancient dinosaurs, long dormant around the base of Vitosha mountain, waking from a prehistoric dream and their encounter with the resident robots. Will they learn to coexist in the park together?

The exhibition was conceived by the creative team at Coco Agency and will hold its world premiere in Sofia, Bulgaria. “Although we had enquiries from a number of other countries, we chose Bulgaria as our launch location because we are proud of the fact that we are a Bulgarian company and we believe the Bulgarian public deserves to see it first,” stated Firoiu Dan, CEO of Coco Agency.

The attraction will open its doors to visitors on December 10th and will be visiting the capital until March 10th next year. Within its walls, avid fans of these fantasy worlds will discover 14 dinosaur models and 14 animated robots. Children will be able to ride dinosaurs like T-Rex or Parasaurolophus, shoot paintballs amongst dinosaurs and robots, jump on trampolines or enjoy a soap bubble extravaganza, as well as watch a parade of walking robots at the weekends.

“Robots Vs Dinosaurs” winter fairy-tale battle is a place to create magical outdoor memories for the whole family. The exhibition has been brought to you by Coco Agency, a creator of mobile attractions and events whose shows have attracted more than four million visitors worldwide over the past three years.

If you are interested in hosting our Robots Vs Dinosaurs exhibition, please contact us and our team will be delighted to answer any questions you have.