Living Dinosaurs

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A spectacular and flexible animatronic life-size dinosaurs exhibition, including the famous T-Rex. Living Dinosaurs also features has a thrilling interactive area. This is one of the first ever exhibitions about dinosaurs, and has been so far seen by over 10 million people. Also available with Ice Age animals, Dragons or a giant skeleton.

The exhibitions has toured worldwide, to include: South America, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Singapore, Thailand… It has been visited by over 10 million visitors. Approx. visitors per run (average run length is 2+ months, depending on city and conditions): 50,000 to 120,000.

At the current moment, we can offer you exclusively one Dinosaur or Ice Age figure for the budget of 100 EUR per day, the minimum period of hiring is 60 days, minimum 10 animals to hire per booking.