Living Robots Exhibition in Sofia

Even with the restrictions preventing indoor events from taking place during the Covid pandemic, Coco Agency’s Living Robots made its first Bulgarian appearance at The Mall in Sofia in 2021. Held in the parking lot at the front of this giant complex, visitors were able to safely enjoy the excitement of this futuristic family-friendly exhibition in the open air. Along with the main exhibits, children could also shoot real moving robots in our paintball and laser-tag areas, with all of the equipment disinfected after each use to ensure safety and maximise families’ enjoyment of the experience. The event attracted 28,000 visitors over a two month period and was one of the most visited events in Sofia during the pandemic.

After visiting Riyadh, Warsaw, Kyiv, Sofia, Skopje, Damman and Varna, the Living Robots exhibition has proven a massive success, generating high volumes of sales for our clients and attracting over 320,000 visitors in the last two years alone. To host our awesome Living Robots in your country, or for more information on any of our other 30 world travelling exhibitions, please contact our team at any time. With additional themes including Living Dinosaurs, Living Dragons, LEGO, NASA, Da Vinci, Interactive Science, Ice Age and many others, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the support and information you need to create the perfect customised experience for your audience.