Preparing the Perfect Event: Start with Your Goal

If you want to prepare an outstanding team building, product launch or festival, you need to invest time in clearing your vision, formulating your objectives and your achievement criteria.

Setting concrete objectives for all the actors (suppliers) is a must for successful event planning. In the beginning, it’s crucial, to focus on the event’s vision and mission. The objectives can give you inspiration, a general line and alignment for the future implementation, originality and creative atmosphere. Take your time to write them down and in the end, you will see that it will make your vision clearer.

Furthermore, it will help you to defend your idea to get the needed budget. Often, many CEOs and Marketing Directors are really surprised by a budget requests for an event. Don’t read that wrong, but some of them don’t have the ability to see the whole picture and the costs that an event can involve. This is one of the reasons why you need to be well prepared to explain the entire vision and the benefits that the event objectives will bring to the company or brand.


It is important to have a clear vision and to ask yourself what are the business goals that you need to achieve with the event management. After 15 years of giving parties, concerts and festivals, our goals were to present to the audience a unique experience and to have enough visitors to generate a profit.

It may look like fun to do such kinds of events, but still, it is one of the most difficult businesses in the world. It is like a lottery: no promoter in the world can say for sure will the event be profitable or not. There are too many factors at play in forming the final financial result.

Each corporate event has to reach some goals for the organization, company or brand. Most of the corporate events are used for communication, PR or business goals and have external and internal objectives. There are hundreds of possible concrete reasons why to organize an event. Some of the positive ones are:

  • launching of a new product;
  • staff party;
  • presentation of the future goals/annual results of the company;
  • anniversary of the company:
  • team building, etc.

Besides, there are also events that are used to make changes and prompt people to take action. For instance, when a car company needs to recall a big amount of cars with a technical problem and wants to show the new safety standards; or when a company has disappointing sales, and so on. Getting a clear formulation WHY the company in question wants to organize the event, will support you in bringing the event to a higher quality level and accomplishing all the fixed goals.

Let’s overview some examples of possible goals and objectives that can be achieved with expert event management.

  • Congresses, lectures and workshops: the goals are sharing knowledge and information regarding the business sector, subject or product variety; it also can support the business networking.
  • Product activation or BTL (Below the line events): boosting sales (direct or indirect) is one of the main objectives for companies.
  • Reward or anniversary: to reward your employees or partners for their years of service (anniversary) or to give a recognition award for exceptional performance.
  • Team building: to create a better atmosphere between the employees or to motivate the team to reach a target.
  • Restructuring: an event can be also held for unpopular decisions to be announced.
  • Charity or concert: an event can be used to improve the image of a product or brand by increasing brand awareness of the business; gathering money for homeless people; promoting a free or charity concert, etc.
  • Staff parties: used for networking, but also to thank the employees for their loyalty.
  • Parties for clients and suppliers: to thank your partners for the support and trust in your company.

The most important, besides having a clear vision about the goals, is to keep the visitor or the audience in the centre of the event. After all, the event is organized for them.

Why your event will be interesting to visit and what will differentiate it from the events offered by other brands? The attendees of your event should have a unique experience to remember and to share with others around them.

The proper event management has to reach an important marketing goal: visitors to become followers and start to share their great experience with other people. As you can see, an event is a combination of different objectives. It always has a primary goal, but you, as an event manager, can bring an event to the higher level. You have to be capable of asking yourself the right questions and to meet all the goals that are needed to achieve the objectives. Finding the right combinations at the right time, having an eye for the little details will make you the person who can see some deeper reasons for the objectives. Be self-critical and don’t be easily satisfied!

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