Living Dragons Exhibition

The exhibition Living Dragons will take you to the imaginary world of these mythical creatures. It consists of 12 dragons and 2 talking trees. Each of the dragons creates its sounds and movements, as there could be seen dragons from cartoons – movies and from all over the world. Have you ever dream to ride and to fly a dragon? Two of the dragons can be ridden by children, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the smaller visitors. Besides these talking trees can welcome the guests in their local language. The exhibition has also its digital corner where children can play all kinds of dragon games. And the surprises do not end here! The exhibition has also a great kids’ corner where children can draw and color their dragons to take them home. The Living Dragons Exhibition will be provided with decor pieces recreating a unique fantasy atmosphere that will bring you on the top of the mountains or in a magical cave from the fairytales.

This exhibition is suitable for:

  • any malls
  • museums
  • conventional centers
  • corporate events
  • sport events
  • airport lounges
  • casinos
  • music festivals
  • hotel lobbies

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