The international exhibition “Interactive Science” opened in Sofia, Bulgaria

The world-renowned exhibition Interactive Science that has been exposed in Milan, Dubai, and London is visiting Bulgaria for the very first time.

Its purpose is education and fun in one place. On the exhibition can be found more than 25 models and machines, presenting different natural phenomena and discoveries in the fields of physics, mathematics, and human biology.

The exhibition includes machines that create visual illusions. For example, our interpretation of falling into the chasm, but at the same time remaining fully safe or the illusion of the partial disappearance of the body. The visitors can also see the practical application of some of the most ancient human discoveries – the lever and the garnet. We believe that all of us should combine pleasure with some useful activities. That is why our guests at the exhibition can create music, but not with traditional music instruments. Our special harp is without strings, and our drums – without membranes. It is obligatory to try!

The Interactive Science exhibition is located at The Mall, located at Tsarigradsko shosse, on level – 2. You have the opportunity to visit it until 30 September, every day from 10:00 to 22:00. More information can be found on the event‘s Facebook page.

Below, you can find pictures from the Interactive Science Exhibitions. If you are looking for a rental of the entire exhibition or part of the exhibits, do not hesitate to contact us!