New Heights for Coco Agency and the Exhibition Ice Age – This Time in Saudi Arabia

We can proudly mark that one more time an exhibition provided by Coco Agency provoked considerable marketing buzz, generating a symbiosis of indicative business results and thousands of smiling faces and produced a higher amount of visitors for Arar Mall, Saudi Arabia.

Coco Agency made it possible for the exhibition to be realized for the first time in the northern border area of Saudi Arabia, the city of Arar. The secrets of the Ice days were accessible, completely free of charge, for the guests of Arar Mall for 15 days, during which the exhibition was marked by great interest and registered exceptional attendance of more than 12.000 visitors.

The exhibition presents realistic models of representatives from the last Earth Ice Age period, created in natural dimensions, with scientifically accurate movements and spectacular sounds.

Coco Agency organized a special visit for disadvantage kids from the city of Arar. The kids were able to met the animals from the Ice Age era and had a short educative tour about the Ice Age area. The exclusive exhibits delighted the eyes of a large number of children, students and their parents.