Game of Dragons: Do you want to be part of the Game?

Hey, do you like dragons? The exhibition Game of Dragons is the biggest and most fascinating collection in the world of dragons. In the Game of Dragons exhibition, you will discover 23 animatronic dragons with specific movements, a big 8 meters high dragon, a two and three-headed dragons and well known dragons from cartoons and movies. The exhibition will also show you different dragons from all over the globe: from East Asia until Scandinavia – USA, and Russia.

Surprises begin right at the entrance with two talking trees, programmed to welcome the guests in the local language, and if you want to take part in the Game, you can surprise your visitors with 4 dragons, that can be ridden. This feature will take the exhibition on another entertainment level. It has also its digital corner where children can play all kinds of dragon games. For the smallest visitors, we have prepared many exciting surprises! Beside our excavation dragon area where children can search for dragon’s bones, the exhibition has also a great kids’ corner where children can draw and color their dragons to take them at home.

It is unquestionable that this exhibition will leave the visitors full of joy and excitement, but also with new knowledge considering the different dragon types all around the world.

This exhibition is suitable for:

  • malls
  • promoters
  • museums
  • amusement parks
  • conventional centers
  • corporate events
  • sport events
  • airport lounges and foyers
  • casinos
  • music festivals
  • hotel lobbies

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