Dinosaurs vs Robots

Dinosaurs vs Robots traveling exhibition presents the story of the awakening from the millennial dream of the dinosaurs, their meeting with the “living robots” and the opportunity to coexist together in the world’s new environment.

The excited visitors will discover 14 dinosaur models and 14 animated robots. Children will be able to ride dinosaurs such as T-Rex or Parasaurolophus, shoot at dinosaur or robot paintball corner, jump on a trampoline, enjoy an extravaganza of soap bubbles or a parade of walker robots. 

The traveling exhibition “Dinosaurs vs. Robots” is a place to create wonderful memorable moments in the winter outdoors for the whole family.

An amazing attraction for your park, amusement center, mall, museum or any kind of public venue!

Dinosaurs vs Robots is suitable for:

  • malls
  • promoters
  • museums
  • amusement parks
  • public parks
  • municipalities
  • convention centers
  • corporate events
  • sport events
  • airport lounges and foyers
  • casinos

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