Dino Earth Exhibition for the Prince House of Saudi Arabia 1.800.000 visitors

This April, Coco Agency joined forces with Luxury Events and in cooperation with the General Authorities of Entertainment of Saudi Arabia, presented the exhibition – Dino Earth. Coco Agency was hired to design the entire exhibition and to coordinate the building of it from the scratch. The building up involved 120 tons of sand, , 2000 square meters of natural grass, entire rock walking pad of more than 8000 bricks and installation of 400 lights. Logistic-wise, the project involved cranes, bulldozers, forklifts and manitoes. In terms of manpower, we had more than 150 people working daily on this project.

In 5 days our team, together with the local support, managed to build an exhibition of more than 2000 square meters space. Firoiu Dan, CEO of Coco Agency, presented the exhibition to the Minister of Development of Saudi Arabia and gave tours around the exhibition to all the officials of the Prince House of Saudi Arabia and to the General Authorities of Entertainment of Saudi Arabia.

Because of the vast interest, great success and high number of visitors, the dinosaurs exhibition was extended for one additional week. At the end of the exhibition, more than 1.800.000 visitors had enjoyed this unique experience. With this number of visitors, Coco Agency broke its personal record of 1.800.000 visitors in 2 weeks’ time.

If your company, institution or museum is looking for options of any kind of exhibitions, feel free to contact our agency at any time. We will be pleased to present you our existing exhibitions or work together to create a world class custom-made exhibition for you with the potential to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. Maybe together, we will break our own visitors’ record 🙂