Design Award Magic Land – Cairo – Egypt 

Originally built in the late 90’s, Magic Land was one of the first entertainment parks on the African continent. For more than a decade, the park proved a huge success and attracted visitors from all over Egypt and the world, making Magic Land one of the most popular family venues in Africa. Unfortunately, following the Arab Spring revolution, Magic Land was closed and fell into disrepair. However, after suffering from a decade of neglect, our visionary partner Al Hokair, decided to bring this forgotten treasure back to life.

Knowing the magnitude of the job at hand, Al Hokair owner Mister SHEIKH ABDULMOHSIN ALHOKAIR contacted our CEO Sir Dan Firoiu to ask for his expertise. After spending time together in Cairo, both parties established their respective roles within the new vision and two months later Coco Agency and CEO Sir Firoiu Dan presented their designs to the owner and the management team at Al Hokair. The design covered over 120,000 sq meters and was made up of the following components:

  • Arab Miniature Park
  • Magical Flower Garden
  • Dragon Land Park
  • Dinosaurs Park
  • Giant World
  • 40 Lantern and Lighting Structures all over the park

For his great design and professional work Sir Firoiu Dan has been awarded by Mister SHEIKH ABDULMOHSIN ALHOKAIR.

Are you responsible for a park, amusement park, shopping mall or similar suitably sized space? Are you searching for an event that will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your venue? Then please feel free to contact our team at any time to provide themes and items for your venue. Who knows, maybe you will have the chance to work with our amazing CEO Sir Firoiu Dan.