(soft playground) 

Coco Agency is happy to present his new brand for soft playgrounds called BRICKLAND.

We are pleased to announce the Grand opening of the first venue of our new brand called BRICKLAND.

The brand will have 4 venues in Europe till the end of this year!!!!

At BRICKLAND we provide an unique opportunity for your child to build one of its favourite personages in real size or even bigger: Superheroes like SuperMan, Iron Man, but also beloved children’s characters like Winny the Pooh, Pikachu, or real size of truck or house.

BRICKLAND has many different sizes of blocks that will allow the children at different ages to build what they have always dreamed about.

Beside all those exciting activities your children can play in a big bubble swimming pool with a slide and any kind of gouffable toys; they can also color any drawings of our big collection, or try the existence of our maze.

BRICKLAND is a multisensory experience with the goal to develop the motoric skills of the kids at age between 2 and 14 years old.


Lego Looking like a playground built from soft bricks offering astonishing entertainment for kids from age 3 to 12 years old.

Different playing areas inside the playland promote children’s ability to distinguish colours, inspire imagination, develop
sensory integration, development of children’s large and small muscles, and the training of balance.

Opportunity for each kid to build his/her favourite character with the support of a personal guide or the animators working at the

The design team creatively combines soft giant building blocks with children’s play equipment, making Brick Land distinct from and more attractive of other indoor children’s activities.

BrickLand is the first kid’s soft playground that evaluates with each day and with each visitor because they have the chance to work on the design and entertainment themselves

Parents can also participate in Giant Soft Bricks Playland and build giant bricks together with their children. This allows  parent-child play and develops the physical and mental well- being of children.

An amazing attraction for your park, amusement center, mall, museum or any kind of public venue!

Brickland soft playground is suitable for:

  • malls
  • promoters
  • museums
  • amusement parks
  • public parks
  • municipalities
  • convention centers
  • corporate events
  • sport events
  • airport lounges and foyers
  • casinos

For more information, please contact our Coco Agency team at the following e-mail: