Bodies Exhibition in Sofia

In spring 2018 Coco Agency presented in Sofia (Bulgaria), together with Bulgaria Mall, one the most visited exhibition in the world – “Bodies (Human Bodies-The Science Within)”.

The famous educative exhibition includes more than 200 real body parts, as well as 12 completely real bodies, preserved by a specific method called plastination. For the first time worldwide the exhibition also featured 66 educative light-panels that presented detailed schemes and information about the exact structure of organs and parts of the body that cannot be observed with a naked eye.

All visitors of the exhibition were able to take advantage of the free guided tours that provided curious facts about the human body, the history of medicine and the ways to lead a healthier life. More than 80 schools and 3000 students visited the exhibition, some of them travelling more than 130 km just to see “The Bodies”. The exhibitions generated significant added marketing value and content for Bulgaria Mall.

7 national and regional TVs, as well as a number of radio channels featured news about the exhibition and is was also covered by more than 90 print and on-line articles. At the end of the exhibition Bulgaria mall registered more than 20.000 additional visitors monthly.