The brand new exhibition Game of Dragons opened for the very first time in Tel Aviv

Coco Agency is proud to present its new exhibition, named Game of Dragons that had its premiere in Israel. On 1 August, the interactive exhibition called Game of Dragons opened his doors in Tel Aviv. The exhibition has been designed and constructed in the venue by our CEO Firoiu Dan. Mr. Firoiu has created 12 unique scenes that represent and recreate the feeling to be in the mountains or near the sea, on a snowy location, near to the fire-breathing dragons and in the underworld of the oceans.

The exhibition is of great interest in the Israeli capital, with over 20,000 visitors so far.

The collection presents fantasy dragons that can be found in cartons and movies but also species from a different culture from the world. You can find out the fierce dragons, deriving from the Scandinavian countries, through the famous three-headed dragon from the legend of “St. George – the Dragon Slayer” to the magical, wise and good dragons of the Far East.

Besides, the exhibition presents rich information about the origin of each component, the stories and folklore beliefs related to its existence, as well as their magical powers and abilities.

For the creation of the exhibition, the Coco Agency dedicated team has worked very hard. Now we are extremely proud of the result and happy to show this wonderful exhibition all over the world with future bookings in Saudi Arabia – Bulgaria – Cyprus – Poland and Ukraine. Below, you can find pictures from the “Game of Dragons”. If you are looking for a rental of the entire exhibition or part of the exhibits, do not hesitate to contact us!