Living Dragons Conquer one of France’s oldest castles

Imagine one of the oldest castles in France and fill it with our magical dragons. The experience is spell-binding, transporting visitors directly into the heart of landscapes from stories like the award-winning Game of Thrones and House of Dragons. Below you can find the castle’s press release:

Built 1000 years ago on a gigantic rock, this magnificent medieval fortress rises above one of the most beautiful villages in the Aveyron region of France. 

Legends about dragons and brave heroes have fascinated people around the world for thousands of years. These magical creatures have been brought to life over the centuries in artwork, stories, song and dance. In more recent times, breathtaking special effects in the film and gaming industries have created dramatic adventures between dragons and their human counterparts, as never before. In ancient and contemporary times alike, dragons symbolise humankind’s greatest hopes, fears, and most passionate dreams. Today, the Dragon exhibition at Chateau Belcastel brings a monumental, animated experience up close and personal for the first time in France. In 2021, the cultural office for the president of Ukraine organized these dragons to be exhibited in Kyiv, and after the show ended, the dragons were held hostage for ransom and trapped in two big trucks 20 kilometres from where rockets were being fired! Finally, after two stressful days, the United Nations delivered special papers demanding the release of these dragons… Why? In 2017, UNESCO gave a special prize to the dragon makers for bringing culture into remote areas where children have no museums. So, for the first time in France, these lucky dragons are here to thrill, entertain and inspire you.

Our extraordinary Living Dragons travelling exhibition has enthralled dragon-seekers from all over France and beyond, leading to a 120% increase in sales compared to previous years. If your venue is ready to boost its popularity and significantly increase the number of annual visitors that it attracts then contact us now. Our team of experienced customised event creators are looking forward to discussing your requirements and recommending which of our awesome travelling exhibitions will most suitably complement your venue