Innovative Digital Attractions for Kids & Families for Trade Centers, Malls and Amusement Parks.

In the era of digital culture, covering all areas of our lives, Coco Agency as a modern-minded company is happy to introduce you to the newest digital project on the market.

Digital Fun Games is a new, fun and innovative way of entertainment, which will appeal to wider audience: families, children and teenagers. Here, the huge digital projection spaces and all physical objects interact in a unique way, which transfers us to a completely different reality in the virtual world.

This fascinating form of entertainment requires no special clothing or wearing glasses, also it allows many people to have fun at the same time. Digital Fun Games is a colorful and captivating format that will not only make your kids smile, but will also develop their sense of coordination, imagination, logic, speed of reaction, and completing their knowledge of the universe and the laws of nature.

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