Ice Age Dinosaurs Exhibition in the Oldest Stock Exchange Building in the World 

Our Ice Age Dinosaurs travelling exhibition was welcomed to the oldest stock exchange building in the world, the HandelsBeurs in Antwerp. To learn more about this great venue, please find the history of the exchange below and the press release for our event:

History of the Handelsbeurs: 

On the initiative of Thomas Gresham, the representative of the English crown in Antwerp, the Royal Exchange, London was opened in 1565 on this model. It was also called “the Bourse” until Queen Elizabeth I, after a visit on January 23, 1570, changed its name to the Royal Exchange. The Middelburg stock exchange was opened in 1592, then Rotterdam in 1595 and Amsterdam in 1611. The first building in Brabant’s late Gothic style dates from 1531, after a design by Domien de Waghemakere. A rectangular open space was enclosed by a colonnade covered with star and net vaults. The gallery concept of this building served as a model for London’s Royal Exchange (designed by Hendrik van Paesschen), as well as for Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Lille. The high-rise ‘pagoda towers’ with octagonal and cylindrical hull may have served as a lookout for the harbor. Every nation had a more or less permanent location at the exchange.

Press Release of the Ice Age and Dinosaurs Exhibition:  

Giants from prehistoric times conquer the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp! Do you dare to stand eye to eye with extinct dinosaurs and mammals? Then book your tickets quickly for Ice Age and Dinosaurs, an impressive exhibition that stimulates all the senses. A number of these impressive animals are brought to life with true-to-life movements and sounds. Take a fascinating journey through bygone eras and step into the footsteps of armoured and hairy mastodons in the monumental setting of the Handelsbeurs. Meet dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops and ice age mammals such as the mammoth and the cave bear. During this exciting and instructive exhibition, you will learn a lot about the evolution of fauna through the different epochs from the appearance of the dinosaurs to the last Ice Age. Fun and wonder guaranteed for young and old! Especially for the little ones, the exhibition also includes a treasure hunt through the exhibition’s route.

If you are in Antwerp, Handelsbeurs is an extraordinary place to visit, somewhere you can discover one of the ancient hearts of this historic city. If you are an owner or curator of a similar space and you are interested in welcoming more than 30,000 visitors to your wonderful venue, don’t hesitate to contact our team so that we can provide you with one of our travelling exhibitions and create one of the most memorable family events in the world.