The Exhibition Game of Dragons for the First Time in Saudi Arabia

The spectacular collection of dragons from all over the world is touring until the end of November in Saudi Arabia

Coco Agency has gathered dragons of various dimensions and characteristics in Dammam! The occasion is “Game of Dragons” – a spectacular collection of mythical creatures from all over the world. The exhibition is held for the first time in Saudi Arabia between October 26 and November 26 this year. Over the first two weeks of its launch, the “Game of Dragons” in Dammam has been seen by over 25, 000 people.

Previously, the dragons displayed grace and dignity in Tel Aviv throughout September. The exhibition in Israel surprised over 20,000 visitors with the fairy visions that the magical species recreated.

Coco Agency Managers Dan Firoiu and Tsvetelina Grozdanova joined the Joy Forum during dragons gathering in Saudi Arabia. All along the international forum for cutting-edge technologies in the entertainment sector, Dan and Tsvetelina shared the intricacies of their experience in managing exhibitions around the world.

About “Game of Dragons”

How many dragons are involved in the “games”?

The exhibition features a playground that collects between 11 and 24 animatronic dragons. They have various abilities that the creatures share with the visitors through sounds, dances and quirky movements. Each dragon has its own story and recounts legends and ancient beliefs from its homeland.

Where do the mythical creatures come from?

The collection introduces different types of dragons from all parts of the world – from the fierce dragons from the Scandinavian countries, through the world-famous multi-headed dragon from the legend of St. George – The Dragon Slayer to the magical, wise and good-tempered dragons from the Far East.

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