Coco Agency Honoured with an Award from the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia

The educational exhibition “Ice Age”, which was first shown in Saudi Arabia in October 2018, continues to provoke great interest, fun and joy among children, teens and families. The realistic models of mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, hairy rhinos, gigantic birds and many other ancient species, recreate an exciting walk through the last Ice Age period, which sparks the curiosity of the visitors and introduces them in an authentic and unforgettable way to life on Earth a few million years ago.

Proof of the efforts and excellent done work for the realization of the Ice Age exhibition in Saudi Arabia, is the award that Coco Agency was honoured with by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the conducted educational tours on the last Ice Age period. The Exhibition was visited by nearly 35 thousand people, including thousands of students and dozens of disadvantage kids, and for period of 2 mounts passed through 4 cities in the country which also strengthened the successful relationship between Coco Agency and a number of partners and institutions in the Middle East.