Attract More Visitors With Fun and Entertainment Activities.

Offer more fun & entertainment to your guests in 2020!

No matter if you want to attract more visitors to your show, sports event, attraction, mall, travelling exhibition, theme park, hotel, convention center or other public venues, we’ve got exactly what you need. Including one or more of our witty entertainment activities to your place/event will guarantee the satisfaction of your clients. 

Check out what we’ve got for you!

The Amazing Talking Trees.

Welcome your guests with a personal greeting pronounced by a… tree. Yes, you heard that right! Now you can amaze and attract more attendees to your event with magical trees, programmed to talk in the local language!

Coco Agency talking tree
Coco Agency Exhibitions – Talking Tree

You want to surprise your visitors right in the entrance or you might prefer to tell them “See you soon!” in the most original way possible? They not only talk, but they catch the eye with their appearance.
CoCo Agency is eager to “plant” your unique enchanted trees wherever you want. It’s a kind of magic…

Innovative Digital Attractions for Kids & Families.

Coco Agency offers a new valuable experience for kids, teenagers & families – Digital Fun Games.

Attract more visitors stimulating them to create a virtual reality of their own. The innovative digital installation interacts with all physical objects around it to unleash yours and your child’s power of imagination. No special clothing or wearing glasses needed. 

Coco Agency - Digital Fun Games
Coco Agency – Digital Fun Games

Spectacular Artists & Shows.

Seeking for thematic entertainment, emphasising the emotional impact with live acts such as concerts, art performances, theatre, and exhibitions? CoCo Agency provides a list of unique and attractive artists & shows: air acrobats, fire & stilts & circus artists, neon & laser shows, jugglers, magicians, musicians and many more.

Most of the air acrobats we represent are part of the world famous Cirque de Soleil and have taken part in the official openings of the Olympic Games and the World Football Championship.

Coco Agency - Artists and Shows - Poles.
Coco Agency – Artists and Shows – Poles.
Coco Agency - Artists and Shows -Bubble.
Coco Agency – Artists and Shows -Bubble.

Mysterious Creatures.

Our Agency is specialized in organizing spectacular exhibitions of creatures that continue to awaken people’s curiosity.

Many venues have already benefited from the astonishing “Living Dinosaurs” exhibition that has been seen by over 10 million people so far. Now, we offer, exclusively, a Dinosaur or Ice Age figure for the budget of 100 EUR per day.

Coco Agency - Living Dinosaurs Exhibition.
Living Dinosaurs Exhibition.

Our new exhibition “Living Dragons” amazed more than 100 000 visitors only for 3 months and is currently on tour. Impress your visitors, providing them with the opportunity to be a part of the imaginary world of the living dragons! The exhibition consists of 12 dragons and 2 talking trees. Each of the dragons creates its sounds and movements, as there could be seen dragons from cartoons movies and from all over the world. Our interactive exhibitions are amazing attraction for children.

Living Dragons Exhibitions by Coco Agency;
Living Dragons Exhibitions

Knowledge & Science.

Adding useful & interesting entertainment will have a great impact on your visitors’ experience. In our portfolio, we have interactive educational exhibitions such as “Human Being the Science Within” and “Interactive Science”.

The knowledge and science expositions are innovative, fun, informational and entertaining. They suit adults, students, children and families of any age. Thus your visitors will feel the magic of science, maths, nature, solar energy, optics, lightning, biology, music, human body and more.

Coco Agency Science Exhibitions
Coco Agency Science Exhibitions

Use the power of knowledge and science to attract more attendees eager to learn more in a fun way!

We have various proposals and ideas about transforming your venue into creative space and adding value & more fun to your event. Just drop us an email.