A Number of Testimonials and Awards for Coco Agency and its Partners in Ukraine

A Number of Testimonials and Awards for Coco Agency and its Partners in Ukraine

At the end of 2017 Coco Agency expanded its activities, starting a tour of the educational exhibition “Living Dinosaurs” on the territory of Ukraine. The exhibition went through several cities as Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv and for a year and a half achieved great popularity, sparked unprecedented interest and welcomed thousands of visitors.

The activity of Coco Agency in Ukraine was awarded with a number of accolades and awards, given to the company’s efforts to present its educational exhibitions in areas of conflict and to vulnerable groups of children who rarely have direct access to such type of educational attraction. In each city through which the exhibition has passed, the local team of Coco Agency organized completely free visits to “Living Dinosaurs” for children from socially vulnerable groups, children deprived of parental care and disadvantaged people. These educational and, at the same time, extremely entertaining tours led the visitors approximately 180 million years back in time, where both the young and older visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity for the first time to get acquainted in this unique way with the largest animals that once inhabited the Earth.

“I would say that this is part of the meaning of our work – to deliver real joy of children and parents for whom a simple visit to a museum exhibition or attraction is often impossible because of the area in which they are located or because of the situation in which they are. Often we do not even realize how lucky we are that for our own children the visit of this type of educational exhibition is just another fun activity. At the same time for others that are only 2000 km away from us, it is a dream and a real celebration. That’s why I am so sincerely excited to share all the awards and letters of appreciation with which our team was honored trough the past year. It was not easy, but absolutely worth it!” – said Dan Firoiu, Founder and Manager of Coco Agency. The success of our company in Ukraine is due to the beneficial cooperation of Coco Agency with a number of local government structures, charity foundations and NGO’s.

6th Birthday of Coco Agency!  Where we are now

6th Birthday of Coco Agency! Where we are now

Coco Agency turned 6! Before we even realized it, we found out Coco Agency is already 6 years on the market! And what remarkable 6 years these were! On 9th of February 2019, in one of the trenddiest clubs in Sofia, City Stage, we celebrated our sixth birthday. In the company of close friends and business partners we were celebrating not just our anniversary, but something more.

For six years, we implemented numerous projects:

We created the most memorable brand in the event and party sector – “I love the 90s” has become the biggest commercial dance indoor event in Bulgaria. Since 2012 the project gathered in one place world famous names like 2 Unlimited, E-Type, C-Block, Nana, ICE MC, Jenny от Ace of Base, East 17, Dr. Alban, Captain Jack , Masterboy and many other. With more than 6000 visitors at each “I love the 90s” edition, the event was reported by the most significant national media in the country and supported by the most popular radio station in Bulgaria – Radio Energy. In 2013, “I love the 90s” won the Audience Award for the Best Event of the Year at the Eventex Awards 2013.

In 2014 we brought the magic of the “Festival of Colours” on the territory of Bulgaria for the first time! The event has become a tradition in Bulgaria as well, by delighting the fans in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. Over the years, dozens of foreign and a number of Bulgarian artists took part in the festival. More than 40,000 people are the true fans of the “Festival of Colours” in Bulgaria, looking forward for each next edition of the event.

Over the past 6 years, Coco Agency not just made several educational exhibitions on the territory of Bulgaria, but also considerably expanded the perimeter and scope of their work in countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Bahrain.

We helped many of our customers and partners to develop their brands and promote their products and services and reach a wider audience.

Coco Agency successfully manages the organization, budgeting, logistics, technical support and execution of seminars, conferences, corporate parties, concerts and private parties for its customers and partners at local and international level.

So, yes! For 6 years, we have developed and achieved a lot! But guess what – this is just the beginning 🙂

Coco Agency Honoured with an Award from the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia

Coco Agency Honoured with an Award from the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia

The educational exhibition “Ice Age”, which was first shown in Saudi Arabia in October 2018, continues to provoke great interest, fun and joy among children, teens and families. The realistic models of mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, hairy rhinos, gigantic birds and many other ancient species, recreate an exciting walk through the last Ice Age period, which sparks the curiosity of the visitors and introduces them in an authentic and unforgettable way to life on Earth a few million years ago.

Proof of the efforts and excellent done work for the realization of the Ice Age exhibition in Saudi Arabia, is the award that Coco Agency was honoured with by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the conducted educational tours on the last Ice Age period. The Exhibition was visited by nearly 35 thousand people, including thousands of students and dozens of disadvantage kids, and for period of 2 mounts passed through 4 cities in the country which also strengthened the successful relationship between Coco Agency and a number of partners and institutions in the Middle East.

Coco Agency Supported the Christmas Party of the World-Leaders in Global Management Consulting McKinsey & Company in Brussels

Coco Agency Supported the Christmas Party of the World-Leaders in Global Management Consulting McKinsey & Company in Brussels

Planning a Christmas party is a difficult task with many challenges. Often these Christmas parties are organized very simply: rent a place, boring domestic nominations and gifts are exchanged. Thus, most employees accept as an obligation to visit their annual corporate Christmas party, not as a wonderful opportunity to have fun and to get closer to colleagues, and to celebrate all the successes and results achieved over the past year.

The well-organized corporate Christmas party helps to increase the engagement and motivation of the people who are part of your team and undoubtedly leave pleasant memories and emotions. Considering this important detail, our partners from McKinsey & Companyglobal management consulting firm that serves a wide range of private, public and social sector institutions with almost 100 years of experience and qualified team, rely on our professionalism for the management of their Christmas party.

The corporate Christmas Party of McKinsey & Company took place in Brussels on 20.12.2018, under the theme of “Breaking Bad” television series.  Coco Agency’s team provide and managed the featuring of the extremely attractive Vengaboys, who once again proved that every their participation is like a non-stop fun festival.

As a result of the well-done work, we proudly share the reference of Frederik Van Hecke from McKinsey & Company

It ended up being a great party! 😉

The band was great, everything as expected. They delivered on the energy we had hoped that they would bring to kick-off the party. It was an amazing surprise for everybody!

I’m very happy with your help, and I know it was all very last minute and hectic, that’s on us. But you delivered flawlessly and with a “don’t worry, everything is taken care off” attitude. The on-site help was great and came in handy! 

Frederik Van Hecke
McKinsey & Company

If you also need WOW effect, that will to be the “cherry” for your private or corporate event, for concert or festival, or for the promotion of you company and new brand, do not hesitate to contact us!

Coco Agency Managed the Еvent Production of the Big Bang Seminar

Coco Agency Managed the Еvent Production of the Big Bang Seminar

In November 2018 the team of Coco Agency provided its expert support for the event management and planning of the first edition of The Bing Bang Seminar. The Big Bang is a personal development seminar that took place on 24-25th November in one of the most prestigious hotels in Bulgaria – Marinela Hotel. The seminar welcomed national and international speakers from various industries like marketing, finance, business, entrepreneurship, self-development, motivation and health. More than 700 people participated in the first edition of the promising seminar.

For almost 2 months the team of Coco Agency worked closely with the organisers of the event – The University for Personal Development and Entrepreneurship, delivering expert services in the fields of event planning, event budgeting, event management, event logistics & hospitality, technical support (venue, stage, sound, light), human resources management, provision of host and entertainment acts for the event. Once again Coco Agency demonstrated high level of professionalism, certified with the readiness of The Big Bang Seminar to continue the partnership with our company for the next edition of the event in 2019.

If you need more information about our expert services in the spheres of event management – event logistics – event human resources – marketing services – promotion services – brand development or event consulting, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to hear from you and share our experience.

Innovative Digital Attractions for Kids & Families for Trade Centers, Malls and Amusement Parks

Innovative Digital Attractions for Kids & Families for Trade Centers, Malls and Amusement Parks

In the era of digital culture, covering all areas of our lives, Coco Agency as a modern-minded company is happy to introduce you to the newest digital project on the market.

Digital Fun Games is a new, fun and innovative way of entertainment, which will appeal to wider audience: families, children and teenagers. Here, the huge digital projection spaces and all physical objects interact in a unique way, which transfers us to a completely different reality in the virtual world.

This fascinating form of entertainment requires no special clothing or wearing glasses, also it allows many people to have fun at the same time. Digital Fun Games is a colorful and captivating format that will not only make your kids smile, but will also develop their sense of coordination, imagination, logic, speed of reaction, and completing their knowledge of the universe and the laws of nature.

Curious to find out more? Please check out our catalogue



Bodies Exhibition in Sofia

Bodies Exhibition in Sofia

In spring 2018 Coco Agency presented in Sofia (Bulgaria), together with Bulgaria Mall, one the most visited exhibition in the world – “Bodies (Human Bodies-The Science Within)”.

The famous educative exhibition includes more than 200 real body parts, as well as 12 completely real bodies, preserved by a specific method called plastination. For the first time worldwide the exhibition also featured 66 educative light-panels that presented detailed schemes and information about the exact structure of organs and parts of the body that cannot be observed with a naked eye.

All visitors of the exhibition were able to take advantage of the free guided tours that provided curious facts about the human body, the history of medicine and the ways to lead a healthier life. More than 80 schools and 3000 students visited the exhibition, some of them travelling more than 130 km just to see “The Bodies”. The exhibitions generated significant added marketing value and content for Bulgaria Mall.

7 national and regional TVs, as well as a number of radio channels featured news about the exhibition and is was also covered by more than 90 print and on-line articles. At the end of the exhibition Bulgaria mall registered more than 20.000 additional visitors monthly.

From Psychedelic Trance Parties to World Festivals and Exhibitions that Attract Hundreds of Thousand

From Psychedelic Trance Parties to World Festivals and Exhibitions that Attract Hundreds of Thousand

A True Story of Event Management

I can remember my first events… Back then, I was only 17 years old. I have started promoting Psychedelic Trance parties in the squats of Ghent (Belgium). A squat is an abandoned building that the landlord doesn’t give a f*** about or that’s no longer in a state fit for normal use and is waiting for the administrators to make a decision regarding its future. At the beginning of 2000, we had lots of squads in Ghent. People took the opportunity to create cheap places to live and some of these buildings were also used to promote underground cultural events. We were really lucky because the Belgium authorities were fairly tolerant and respected the law.

It is easy and very tempting, indeed, to start immediately with the event management, but it is wiser to do some thorough homework first. Once an event is running, it can be extremely difficult to change or adapt something. Considering the limited time factor, the sharp deadline, the coordination of so many participants is a very challenging thing. Most of the time you will not get a second chance and it should be a hit from the start. It took me some time to discover that Murphy’s Law is constantly lurking: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you take your time to prepare the event to perfection, you will limit the chance of surprises and risks such as the event losing its purpose or having the budget spiral out of control. Not considering these factors at the beginning of the event planning may lead to failure and will affect the mood of the entire crew. It’s funny when I recall the days when our crew was spending their entire time at the event solving issues that we could easily have predicted by doing our homework.

Most of the time, the electricity at the events came from a generator. I can remember many occasions where we had to search for a driver that was sober (or at least half sober) to get fuel. One time we had to send a driver that had taken LSD. Three hours later he returned with the fuel from a petrol station that was only a 15 min drive away with a story of how psychedelic / trippy the road was. At that time, we didn’t have credit cards because we were too young. So, we started checking where we could pay cash. I remember that there were 2 petrol stations in the entire city and one of them was on the motorway. This issue could have easily been dealt with by doing our homework properly before the event.

The reason I am publishing the following articles on LinkedIn is to explain the basic principles needed to create a successful event and how to become an Event Manager. Also, I want to share a few examples from my own experience. I learned this job the hard way; from the beginning, I organised events with my own money and I never worked for a company that I didn’t own. Unfortunately, I was my own mentor. Now, when I look back at this period, I see the mistakes that could have been avoided if I had had an experienced mentor beside me.

Event Management was not offered in any schools in Belgium until 2008. Over the last 15 years, I was privileged to host some great events and learned immensely valuable lessons from the decisions made and mistakes that occurred. When working in this industry you learn something new from every event. To become a great Event Manager, it will take time. It is one of those jobs that is best learned by doing it.

In a way, many of the abilities and skills related to event management are aligned with the project management because after all, an event is a project. Communication; negotiation; planning; time schedule, budget and crisis management; coordinating different teams are just some skills that you will need to use during each event. The Event Manager has to overview the entire event from the finances to its execution. It is also important to have perfect communication skills in order to coordinate all the participants in the event – graphic designers, sound-, light-, catering companies, etc…

In the beginning, I was purely focused only on parties, but gradually I developed my skills by being the project manager of festivals and eventually being a Festival Director. Throughout this evolution, I have discovered that there are many different types of events. The most famous nowadays are concerts, dance parties and festivals because these events spend a huge amount of their budget on marketing to attract visitors. The basic idea is that the entrance fee that each visitor pays covers a significant part of the organisational budget. This is also one of the biggest reasons why you will see billboards, posters, flyers, TV commercials, etc., used to promote such kind of events. Maybe it will surprise you, but this is actually a really small segment of the event industry. The largest part is made up of conferences, fairs, team building activities, staff parties, product launches, weddings and sporting events.

In the last 10 years, I have observed a trend where events have started to be used for communication and marketing mix strategies. Companies have realised that an event is a useful communication tool that creates a direct contact and experience with potential clients. It also has a far greater marketing impact for products and brands than a street based campaign using billboards & posters. The personal approach to the target client group of a product is much easier to be achieved and can create unique emotions. As humans, we have developed a feeling that’s no longer so sensitive to the many kinds of visual adverts. Companies all over the world have realised that an event experience is a powerful marketing tool.

Over the last 30 to 40 years we have been regularly confronted with all kinds of branded adverts. I will give some examples. You wake up and you start to listen to the radio or watch TV, you get some adverts. You open your Facebook or Instagram you will be exposed to adverts again and after you check your inbox, you’ll almost certainly find some promotional emails. On your way to your work, you will be exposed to many more adverts from street billboards & posters. Still, it takes time for the audience or potential clients to get to know your brand name, your offer and your message. I am a really big fan of the Rule of Seven that says that somebody should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they remember it. This rule still works when you have a wide variation in your marketing strategy. After all these years I am more than convinced that events can play a big role in the rule of seven.

The author of the article is Sir Firoiu Dan. He has extensive experience in all aspects of Communication-, Marketing-, Accounting Management, Event Coordination and Budget Coordination. He is specialized in the management of administration and logistics in a busy special environment. Passionate for marketing strategies, brand development and event coordination, while consistently providing outstanding customer service. Enthusiastic professional, successfully building profitable relationships with new and existing clients.

You can contact him at any time at dan@cocoagency.bg

New Heights for Coco Agency and the Exhibition Ice Age - This Time in Saudi Arabia

New Heights for Coco Agency and the Exhibition Ice Age - This Time in Saudi Arabia

We can proudly mark that one more time an exhibition provided by Coco Agency provoked considerable marketing buzz, generating a symbiosis of indicative business results and thousands of smiling faces and produced a higher amount of visitors for Arar Mall, Saudi Arabia.

Coco Agency made it possible for the exhibition to be realized for the first time in the northern border area of Saudi Arabia, the city of Arar. The secrets of the Ice days were accessible, completely free of charge, for the guests of Arar Mall for 15 days, during which the exhibition was marked by great interest and registered exceptional attendance of more than 12.000 visitors.

The exhibition presents realistic models of representatives from the last Earth Ice Age period, created in natural dimensions, with scientifically accurate movements and spectacular sounds.

Coco Agency organized a special visit for disadvantage kids from the city of Arar. The kids were able to met the animals from the Ice Age era and had a short educative tour about the Ice Age area. The exclusive exhibits delighted the eyes of a large number of children, students and their parents.

Special Attractions and Theme Exhibitions - a Great Tool to Raise People Flow To Your Trade Center

Special Attractions and Theme Exhibitions - a Great Tool to Raise People Flow To Your Trade Center

I was searching for information on how to sell our products to clients, knowing that it is very difficult to arrange meetings or conference calls with them, or even to get replies to emails. “Everybody is so busy and we don’t want to seem pushy…. Sales are not our background, but our products are great. I can’t understand why people won’t even consider looking at something that will increase the number of their customers.”

I find an interesting story in the LinkedIn profile of a woman who worked as Event Management Consultant. When she met one of her clients, he told her that at the back of his office there was a cartoon (similar to the attached). He said that this picture had always stuck in his mind and that his boss always encouraged him to give people time. Even if it’s a few minutes… you never know what they can offer.

Wise words indeed!

In the last few years our exhibitions have turned into a great new tool for several malls, trade centers and municipalities around the world to attract additional visitors to their locations.

Below, you can find the expected number of visitors for 3 months for each exhibition. It is based on the average monthly minimum visitors that our exhibitions had in the last 5 years when no entrance fee is collected. Please, be aware that the number of visitors is depending on the marketing mix, event planning and the attraction value of the venue.


* Living Dinosaurs: 60.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 180.000 visitors

It shows 24 animatronic life-size dinosaurs and has reached more than 10 million visitors worldwide.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/livingdinosaurs/


* Interactive Science: 30.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 90.000 visitors (please be aware that these stats are a prospection – the exhibition has been launched in 2018)

It is an interactive exhibition with more than 60 experiences that the visitors can enjoy.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/interactive-science/


* Monster of The Sea: 57.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 171.000 visitors

Because of its huge success in Singapore for the first three months, the venue has prolonged the contract for one year.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/monsters-of-the-sea/


* NASA – Space – The Final Frontier: 52.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 156.000 visitors

It has been created in cooperation with NASA with an average of 50.000 visitors monthly, when no entrance fee is collected.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/space-the-final-frontier/


* LEGO – Travelling Bricks: 40.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 120.000 visitors

Exhibition entirely made of LEGO® bricks, showing the history of transportation. It contains exhibits such as the 7m long Titanic, 3m tall sky rocket and more

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/travelling-bricks/


* Experience Da Vinci: 25.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 75.000 visitors

An exhibition showing the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, containing working inventions of the legendary inventor.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/experience-da-vinci/


* Ice Age & Dragons: 55.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 165.000 visitors

Features 10 life-sized animatronic models of mammals of the Ice Age with scientifically accurate movements, colouring, sounds, and fur. Features also 8 Dragons and a giant skeleton.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/ice-age/


* 3D Museum of Wonders: 45.000 visitors per month x 3 months = 135.000 visitors

An exhibition that integrates a huge collection of over 160 amazing quality paintings with very stimulating 3D effects and epic themes.

More Info: https://cocoagency.bg/3d-museum-of-wonders/


So, next time you think about special attractions that can contribute to bringing fresh new visitors to your mall or trade center, why don’t you give us a call 🙂

We stay open for your questions and we are looking forward to your feedback.